Initializing an ASP.NET Core Web Application for SmarterASP

  1. In SmarterASP:
    1. Turn on VS Web Deploy (if already on, turn off and back on)
    2. Turn on the ability to upload .EXE files
    3. Create an ASP.NET Web Site
    4. Download the Publish Setting XML from SmarterASP for the newly created site
  2. In Visual Studio 2015
    1. Go to File > New > Project
    2. Create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application
    3. Use the Empty ASP.NET Core Template
    4. Import newly created web application using Publish Setting XML
    5. Add the following line to the .pubxml:<AllowUntrustedCertificate>True</AllowUntrustedCertificate>
  3. Check that the URL provided in SmarterASP links to the web application

Source: SmarterASP