New Machine Setup

Whenever setting up a new machine, I go off of this list to make sure I’ve got all the right software on my machine, along with getting everything set up.  That way, I have everything all taken care of, and nothing will surprise me when I get started and working.

I like to update this every once in a while, around each year to make sure everything is up to date.

Preliminary Actions

  1. Install all updates, then any drivers needed (LAN, Video, etc.).  Confirm all hardware is working appropriately.  If desired, check the Windows Experience Score.
  2. Turn off UAC, Sticky Keys and Filter Keys shortcuts.


  1. Install Chocolatey using the PowerShell command
  2. Install and configure the following software using Chocolatey:
    • TeamViewer (teamviewer)
    • Google Chrome x64 (google-chrome-x64)
    • VLC (vlc)
    • Sumatra PDF (sumatrapdf)
    • Dropbox (dropbox)
    • imgBurn (imgburn)
    • Teracopy (teracopy)
    • Revo Uninstaller (revo.uninstaller)
    • 7zip (7zip)
    • FileZilla (filezilla)
    • CCleaner (ccleaner)
    • Prey (prey)
    • Git (git.install)
    • TortoiseGit (tortoisegit)
    • Resharper (resharper)
    • Beyond Compare (beyondcompare)
    • AutoHotkey (autohotkey.install)
    • Visual Studio Code (visualstudiocode)
    • Divvy (divvy)
    • qBitTorrent (qbittorrent)
  3. Install and configure the following:
    1. Visual Studio 2017
      1. Sign in using credentials
      2. Install Resharper
      3. Install the following extensions:
        1. Web Essentials
        2. Bundler & Minifier
        3. Web Compiler
        4. Add New File
        5. Editor Guidelines (set one white guideline at 80px)
    2. WAMP Server (64 bit)
    3. Xamarin Studio

Final Steps

  1. Confirm that all updates have been installed.
  2. Set CCleaner to run automatically.

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