USAPL MI Ironworks VII Meet Report

For my first meet, I ended up getting only a few hours of sleep (falling asleep around 1am because excited) and getting up at 4:30am to start my drive to Midland.  I got into the venue at around 7am, much earlier then I needed to be there, but good to everything settled out and comfortable.

I was there alone, which I wouldn’t recommend to do for anyone else, because there was a lot of stuff going on, and no one to help me understand anything that was going on.  After some time, I figured out how to get registered and weighed in, so I was ready to go.

I was put in the middle of the first flight, in the 198 class.  I didn’t have any kind of plans to win or even place, all I wanted to do was establish some PRs and then go from there.

For my attempts, I decided to use the following formula:

  1. 5RM
  2. Midway step to 1RM using formula
  3. Calculated 1RM


  • 132.5 kg
  • 145 kg
  • 157.5 kg
I didn’t have any issues following commands, and I felt like I could have done quite a bit more.


  • 95 kg
  • 102.5 kg
  • 110 kg
No issues with holding the pause, and I also could have added more to this.


  • 132.5 kg
  • 152.5 kg
  • 165 kg
Also felt quite easy, I could have added more.

432.5 kg (953 lbs.), 4th out of 4 in 198 Raw Open



Went pretty well for a first meet.  Looking now, I am glad I had that motivation to go to the meet on my own, since I wasn’t able to find anyone to support me to come with.  A couple points for the future

  • Bring clean shirts, underwear, and socks.  I was sweating pretty hard at the end of the squat round, and a fresh set of stuff to wear would have been nice.
  • Bring a lot of food to eat, you’ll most likely go through all of it.
  • There were a lot of older lifters lifting a very respectable amount of weight.  A guy in his 40s or 50s didn’t look very strong or intimidating, and I watched him pull 500 lbs. without much effort.
  • A number of people had trouble with the cues, so I just focused on the cues completely.
  • A lot of people weren’t going low enough in squats, and were being red-lighted for it.
  • About 150 people were in attendance, I really was expecting less.