Databases Microsoft SQL Server (2010-2014), MySQL, SQLite
Languages C#, Java, HTML5/CSS, JavaScript (with jQuery), Scheme, Ruby, C/C++, Objective-C
Frameworks ASP.NET MVC (3-5), WordPress, Entity Framework
Software Tools Visual Studio (2010-2015), Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
Version Control Subversion, Git, Team Foundation Server (TFVC)
Server Administration IIS, Apache

Work Experience

United Shore

Solutions Architect (Aug 2014 – Present)

  • Acted as owner, deployment specialist, and solutions architect for external broker major flagship company web application (deployed with team of 12, maintained with team of 40) using the .NET platform.
  • Involved in interviewing (over-phone and in-person) and selection of software development talent.
  • Performed code reviews for multiple development teams for main code base.  Implemented measures to improve code quality (added StyleCop.MSBuild), testing code coverage.
  • Collaborated with other solutions architects to create a company wide set of coding standards and guidelines.
  • Education and mentoring on overall company 3-tier software architecture, advanced use for version control using SVN, and regular deployment process.

Programmer Analyst (Nov 2013 – Aug 2014)

  • Acted as the team development lead for a feature migration project.  Provided training to the team members on both the development process and the mortgage process.  Delegated tasks to a 4-member team.
  • Involved with the development of award-winning UWM Mobile App (iOS, Android) with a 5-member team using C#.
  • Adding feature to legacy codebase using Scheme

Shift Digital

Primary responsibilities included designing, implementing, testing, and supporting several aspects of core software products.  Products were designed for managing digital marketing leads in the automotive sales and housing development industries.  Technologies were developed using .NET, C#, Entity Framework, and Azure.

Software Developer (Mar 2012 – Oct 2013)

  • Customer Relation Management software
    • Created capability to create and edit individual leads and have them automatically import into separate application (enterprise lead management)
    • Enhanced product with front-end changes to simplify ability for internal users to operate software
  • Enterprise Lead Management software
    • Added abstraction interface and class to major XML processing functionality to promote default functionality and interface vs. implementation.
    • Developed HTTP tester to give capability to test outgoing server connections via internal web application (similar functionality to Fiddler)
    • Rebuilt conversion method in handling lead data to convert to readable format for exportation using ADO.NET
    • Added capability for system to recognize and handle duplicate leads sent into the system based off the lead’s property address
    • Added capability to modify data relating to lead validity and modify test data sent to customer CRMs through the web interface.

Limitless Options LLC

WordPress Developer (Sept 2011 – Mar 2012)

  • Acted as main web developer for multiple web applications (Wendy Patton, Lease Options Made Simple) built using WordPress.
  • Performed Linux server maintenance and management for multiple websites, using cPanel
  • Performed MySQL database management for both PHP websites, and WordPress websites (phpMyAdmin)

BS&A Software

Software Developer Co-op Jan 2010 – Sept 2011

  • Development of C# program which works with company framework to store and retrieve data in given datasets
  • Contribution to company wiki for documentation on using the company framework
  • Conversion of a program created in C++ and Pervasive databasing to .NET, or C# and SQL databasing


B.S. Computer Engineering Coursework – Kettering University, Dec 2011