2018 American Open 1 Results

Overall, a decent weekend at the American Open 1, my weight was pretty good and I think for as consistent as I’ve been (not great the last few months), I’m happy with my results.

Snatches well a little iffy, with pull and power not being an issue, but just making sure I punch up on the bar when I catch.  I’ve been having this issue for a little while now, so that’s something to work on for some time.

Clean and jerks ultimately felt great – I picked up on a stronger lockout on the last CJ, and the big lesson I picked up was to really stick the lockout and be patient in standing up with the bar.

I don’t have anything planned for the next few months.  I’ll just plan on continuing my training and picking up a meet that comes up maybe halfway through the year?


  1. 101 (pressout)
  2. 101 (miss behind)
  3. 101

Clean and Jerk

  1. 128
  2. 131
  3. 134

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