Book Notes – Predictably Irrational

Pretty good and interesting read overall – mostly touches on some of the repeatable unusual things in human behavior. Definitely worth the read. Some of the notes:

  • We judge value on things based on the context of other things around it – making it difficult to judge the value of something absolutely.
  • Question your repeated behaviors – and make sure they aren’t just happening out of habit (ex. getting a regular coffee, do you need to get it)?
  • Things being free gives the image of not having a loss associated to it, although there is always a cost of owning things.
  • Between market (cash) and social (gift) norms, try to keep social norms as long as possible. Gifts make for a good social lubricant.
  • Avoiding temptation is easier than trying to overcome it.
  • Running around and trying to keep everything open as an option ends up making for a shallow experience. Better to pick a few focuses and stick with them (I’ve read this in a few places).
  • Expectations affect experience (if you are told something will be good/bad before experiencing, you will be biased).

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