Copying a nopCommerce Environment

Copying a nopCommerce environment to a destination such as your local machine or to another environment requires two major steps:

  • Copying the database
  • Cloning the source code and configuring to use the copied database

Copy The Database

  1. Using SSMS, log in to the source database server using administrative credentials (usually the remote environment).
  2. On source database server, right-click on database and click Tasks -> Export Data-tier Application
  3. Save the .bacpac file to the destination machine.
  4. Connect to the destination database server (usually local).
  5. Right-click ‘Databases’ on the destination server and click ‘Import Data-tier Application’.
  6. Use the .bacpac file created from the source database.

Copy and Configure the Source Code

  1. Clone the source code to the destination machine.
  2. Create the /Presentation/Nop.Web/App_Data/dataSettings.json file with the following content:
  "DataProvider": "sqlserver",
  "DataConnectionString": "Data Source=<YOUR_DB_SERVER_NAME>;Initial Catalog=<YOUR_DB_NAME>;Integrated Security=True;",
  "RawDataSettings": {}


  "DataProvider": "sqlserver",
  "DataConnectionString": "Data Source=localhost\\SQLEXPRESS;Initial Catalog=uesaka;Integrated Security=True;",
  "RawDataSettings": {}

Next, verify the site can be accessed.

Finally, make sure to change the store URL to the new URL being used.

Troubleshooting with Nop-templates

If you’re using nop-templates, you’ll run into some issues when trying to copy.

I had to delete all contents from the following SQL table:

delete from SS_C_Condition

Of course, this currently disables all HTML Widgets – so there must be a better way to do this. Take a look at

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