How I Set Up My iPhone

Recently, I had to purchase an iPhone XS after having my iPhone 7 break, causing a need to set up my phone again after years of being used to my configuration. I decided I want to write this down in case I need to do this again in the future.

Initial Setup

The first thing to do when setting up the iPhone is going through settings and changing a variety of the settings I prefer. This includes:

  • Connecting to my home WiFi.
  • Connecting to my Bluetooth devices (my headphones and my car).
  • Scheduling Do Not Disturb from 10pm to 7am.
  • Setting up Downtime from 10pm to 7am.
  • Turning on Automatic Updates.
  • Turn on Screen Recording shortcut in the Control Panel.
  • Scheduling Night Shift from 10pm to 7am.
  • Setting Wallpaper (both lock and home screens).
  • Set MMS message history to 30 days.
  • Record video at 4K, 60 FPS.

Once that’s complete, most of the basic configuration for the phone is set. The next step is adding and configuring apps – let’s move on.

App Installlation and Configuration

My preference is to keep things as simple as possible, so I only keep three rows of apps available at any point on the home screen. I start by deleting all of the apps possible on the phone I’m not planning to use. Generally, that’s everything except the Notes app.

After that, I install my primary applications:

  • Google Maps (log in)
  • Hulu (log in)
  • Kindle (log in)
  • Slack (connect to workspaces)
  • WordPress (connect to all revelant websites)
  • Yelp
  • YNAB (log in)
  • YouTube (should auto log in from Google Maps)
  • Outlook (add email addresses)
  • Messenger (log in)
  • RTM (use badge count for tasks due today)

And then a few of the apps I leave in the ‘Utilities’ folder:

  • Dark Sky (turn on precipitation warnings, server weather alerts)
  • Discord (log in)
  • Dropbox (log in, set up camera uploads)
  • Facebook (log in)
  • Fitbit (log in, connect Fitbit)
  • Fly Delta (log in)
  • Genisys (log in)
  • Instagram (log in)
  • Life Cycle (activate)
  • Pluralsight (log in)
  • Google Sheets (log in)
  • WhatsApp (log in)

Most of these apps require configuring – so I go through each one and make sure everything is in place (logged in, etc.).

Final Steps

Once I have most everything set up, there’s a few more things I do to finish the process:

  • Set up widgets to display calendar and weather
  • Set a 15 minute time limit for Facebook and Instagram.

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