Installing WordPress in Azure In 15 Minutes

Step 1: Create a WordPress Resource

After logging into the Azure portal, click on ‘Create a resource.’  Search for ‘WordPress and select the image published by WordPress.
You’ll be asked to provide some information, including:

After about 5 minutes, the WordPress instance should be created.  You can test it by accessing the URL **https://{your-app-name}  **If you can see the WordPress installation screen, you’re good to go.

Step 2: Complete WordPress Installation

Once the database user has been created, run through the standard WordPress installation.  If you’re familiar with this process, you’ll notice the wp-config screen is skipped.  That’ because the file is already generated for you when installing the system in Azure.
Although this is the fastest way to get started, there are a few issues that you’ll want to address as you begin development:

I’ll write more on the above in the upcoming weeks on securing your WordPress installation.]]>