z— title: “Copy Azure SQL Database to GCP Cloud SQL” date: 2023-10-11T18:43:08Z draft: false



  1. (Linux) In Azure, scale up the DB to max DTUs to speed export process.
  2. Export .bacpac to Azure Storage Account.
  3. After export completion, scale DB back down to previous DTUs.
  4. (Windows) Download .bacpac using Azure Storage Explorer.
  5. Connect to local SQL via SSMS.
  6. Import Data-tier Application
  7. Create .bak (Database -> Tasks -> Backup)
  8. Upload .bak to storage account with either Azure Storage Explorer or AzCopy. (Program Files/Microsoft SQL Server/**)
  9. Delete .bacpac with Azure Storage Explorer
  10. (Linux) Create SAS via Portal
  11. Create and run STS job to copy file.
  12. Import .bak from GCS bucket to GCP Cloud SQL.