Set up Auto-Renewing Let’s Encrypt Certificates on App Service Linux

Set up the ability to assign auto-renewing Let’s Encrypt certs to an Azure App Service Linux instance with shibayan’s appservice-acmebot. This will create a Function App that automatically updates the App Service as needed.

Before getting started, you’ll need to have a few things:


First, deploy the solution to your Azure subscription. Use the following for configation:

Next, set up the ability for the Certbot function app to access your Linux App Service

Now, assign the Website Contributor and Web Plan Contributor roles to the Certbot function app:

Finally, restart the function app and access the Function App URL ( You should be able to see the UI showing the available RGs and App Names available (access can take 30-60 minutes to reflect in Azure, so if you’re seeing a 401, wait a while for things to resolve):

Once the certificate is added, you’re all set! Renewals will automatically occur, as the app will scan regularly to check when to renew the certs.