Set up Pi-Hole to Block Ads at the Network Level

You can use a Respberry Pi to block all ads coming in at a DNS level


Raspberry Pi Initial Installation and Configuration

Assemble and then plug in the Raspberry Pi, which should take you to the NOOBS setup window.

Install Raspbian, and work through until you get to the desktop screen for the Raspberry Pi.

Router Configuration

With the Raspberry Pi configured, connect to your router admin page and find the IP address of the Raspberry Pi. Assign a static IP to the Raspberry Pi.

Pi-Hole Installation

On the Raspberry Pi, run the following commands to start installation:

When asked for Upstream DNS Provider, select Cloudflare.

For everything else, just select the default options.

After installation finishes, you’ll be able to log into the web admin with the password provided at the end of installation.

You may want to change the password used to login, you can run the following command on the Raspberry Pi:

Pi-Hole Configuration

Access the web interface using http://<IP_ADDRESS>/admin, and log in using the password above.

Change the DNS server on your router to the IP address above.


An easy way to verify is to check a page that uses ads (here’s a good example). See if any ads appear, and then check the Pi-Hole admin: