Setting up ELK in Azure with Bitnami

To get started with using ELk in Azure, do the following:

Create a VM using the ‘ELK Certified by Bitnami‘ image.

Next, you’ll need to get the credentials to log into the application – look into the serial log of Boot Diagnostics of the VM to access the username and password. If needed, a guide is available.

Access the public IP of the VM created, and log in using the credentials above. Kibana should open up and allow for importing sample data.

Once set up, the first thing to do is reset the default password – you can do that with:

More information here.

Send Logs from AKS

To send logs from AKS, set up Fluentd, making sure to open port 9200 to the cluster IP.

Set up Azure AD Authentication

To set up Azure AD Authentication, an Azure AD Premium subscription is required. A guide can be found at Elastic’s site.