Setting up my Android Device

Initial Setup

First, go through the default setup, connecting to Wi-Fi and Google.

Turn off backup to Google Drive.

Set up all of the methods of accessing phone (face recognition, etc.)


  • Turn on night mode.
  • Set resolution to max.
  • Set navigation bar to full screen gestures
  • Show battery percentage
  • Set sound mode to vibrate

Turn off Bixby home.

Install the following apps from the Play Store:

  • Outlook (login, turn off notifs, swipe right delete, turn off focused inbox, week start Monday, set calendar widget)
  • Firefox (sign in)
  • Messenger (sign in, turn on dark mode, turn off chat bubbles)
  • Dropbox (sign in)
  • Instagram (sign in)
  • Netflix (sign in)
  • YNAB (sign in)
  • Slack (sign in)
  • Fly Delta (sign in)
  • Ecobee (sign in)
  • Fi (sign in)
  • Fitbit (sign in)
  • WhatsApp (sign in, turn off notifs)

Configure the following:

  • Youtube (turn on dark mode)

Uninstall the following:

  • Duo
  • Drive
  • Galaxy Wearable
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Kids Home
  • Photos
  • Samsung Global Goals
  • Samsung Health
  • Samsung Pay
  • Smart Switch
  • SmartThings
  • Spotify

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