Setting Up My New Windows 10 PC

Whenever setting up a new machine, I go off of this list to make sure I’ve got all the right software on my machine, along with getting everything set up.  That way, I have everything all taken care of, and nothing will surprise me when I get started and working.


The first thing to do is run Windows Update and make sure I have the latest version of the operating system.

Once that is done, I go in and set up Windows 10 Mail to use my email accounts and calendar.  Some of the things I do include:

  • Adding all email accounts.
  • Linking inboxes together.
  • Creating signatures for each account.
  • Setting up the calendar with the following:
    • Coloring calendars appropriately.
    • Setting the first day of the week to Monday.
    • Setting working hours.


The first thing I install is Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus.  I make sure to log into OneNote as well so I can start syncing my notes into the computer.

For everything else, I like to use Chocolatey to expediate the progress and get everything set up on your computer quickly.  Ninite is also a good choice to speed up the progress, but doesn’t have quite the same selection of applications.

Run the following command in an elevated CLI, adding or removing any applications as desired:

  • Remote Desktop Software (teamviewer)
    • Log in to account, set up machine for easy access.
  • Internet Browser (google-chrome-x64)
    • Log into account to sync bookmarks, extensions.
  • Cloud Storage (dropbox)
    • Log in and start data sync.
  • Anti-Theft (prey)
    • Log in to configure machine, clean up any unused machines.
  • Version Control (git)
  • Visual Studio Code (visualstudiocode)
    • Install the following extensions:
      • TSLint
      • Path Intellisense
      • vscode-icons
      • One Dark Pro
  • Visual Studio Community 2017 (visualstudio2017community)
    • Open the Visual studio Installer and install
  • Resharper (resharper)
    • Run Visual Studio and register product.
  • Code Comparison Tool (beyondcompare)
    • Run and register product.
  • Divvy (divvy)
    • Register product
    • Start Divvy at login, Set Ctrl-Shift-Z as shortcut
  • Torrent Client (qbittorrent)
  • WAMP Server (wamp-server)
  • Directory Admin Tool (windirstat)
  • Chat Client (franz –pre)
    • Log into Franz account and all active accounts.
  • Node.JS (long term support) (nodejs-lts)
  • File Archiver (7zip)
  • FTP Client (filezilla)
  • Cleanup Tool (ccleaner)

After the above list is installed, I just have to finish by globally installing any tools I use for JavaScript development using npm.  These tools are:

  • @angular/cli
  • npm-check-updates

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