Setting up SFTP File Migration to Azure Storage Account

This guide assumes you are using a Linux SFTP server for receiving files, and then uploading those files into an Azure storage account.

Initial Setup

Install Azure CLI on the SFTP server with the following command:

curl -sL | sudo bash

Then login using an account with access to the storage account:

az login

Perform File Migration

The next step is actually sending the files over to a storage account. For this example, we’ll send all of the files in a particular folder to the storage account.

az storage blob upload-batch -d YOUR_CONTAINER --account-name STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME -s DIRECTORY

Once those files are moved over, move them into a processed/ directory:

mkdir /data/ftpuser/upload/processed

sudo mv * /processed/

Automate Migration Process

The final step is making sure to automate the process to allow for migrating files on a regular interval.

First, create a file named /bin/


echo "Starting file -> AZ storage upload"
sudo mkdir -p /data/ftpuser/queued/
sudo mv /data/ftpuser/upload/* /data/ftpuser/queued/
az storage blob upload-batch -d CONTAINER_NAME --account-name STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME -s DIRECTORY
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
    echo FAIL
    exit 1;
sudo mkdir -p /data/ftpuser/processed
sudo mv /data/ftpuser/queued/* /data/ftpuser/processed/

Allow the script to be executable:

chmod u+x /bin/

Then edit cronjobs to run every 15 minutes:

sudo crontab -e

*/15 * * * * /bin/ >> /var/log/migrate_output.log 2>&1

You can check the logs of the process here:



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