Setting Up Ubuntu

Recently switched over to using Ubuntu from Windows due to having some issues with running Windows 10 on the desktop. Here’s a quick guide on what I did to get everything set up.


Pretty simple, just set up a USB stick with Ubuntu on it. When install, using the following configurations:

  • Minimal installation
  • Install third party tools (save time later)

Once the installation completes, I make sure to set up the display correctly for monitors, including:

  • Setting scale to %200
  • Turning on the night light

And then a few steps before installing software:

  • Set up Livepatch (security updates)
  • Unpin favorites
  • Signing into Firefox with my Firefox account.
  • Move Dock to the bottom.


I install the following:

  • Dropbox
  • Franz (login, set dark mode, turn off todos, notifications)
  • Mailspring (dark theme, add accounts, turn notifications off)
  • VSCode (download FiraCode, sync settings)
  • PyGrid (set xdivs to 3, automatic startup)
  • Azure CLI
  • MySQL Workbench
  • OpenVPN Connect (sudo apt-get install openvpn, set up server profiles)
  • Remmina (for remoting into Windows PCs)
  • Terraform
  • kubectl
  • Gnome Tweak Tools (animations off, set dark theme, application menu off, 1 static workspace)
  • .NET Core SDK
    • Azure Functions Core Tools
  • VirtualBox (with a Windows 10 VM with 8GB memory, 100GB hard drive space) with the following installed:
    • VS2019
    • SSMS
    • SQL Server Express
    • Dropbox
    • Git

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