Suggested Jenkins Plugins

Here’s a list of Jenkins plugins I tend to use frequently.

Global Slack Notification Plugin

Allows for sending messages via pipeline to Slack channels.

Azure AD Plugin

Allows for authentication to Jenkins using Azure Active Directory.


If you are using Checkmarx to scan for vulnerabilities in your codebases, this plugin will allow for connecting to a Checkmarx server automatically to generate a report.

After installing, make sure to set up a server to allow for connection in Configure System -> Checkmarx:

If you need to add the Checkmarx step to the pipeline, this can be generated using the Pipeline Syntax feature.


This allows for using npm steps in your project, great for running processes for JavaScript based projects.

After installing, make sure to set up a NodeJS installation in Global Tool Configuration:

Build with Parameters Plugin

If you have a job that takes a series of parameters to run (such as a job that performs a deployment), this plugin will allow for programmatically filling in the parameters via a GET call.

Once installed, you can call any job with parameters like such:


Windows Azure Storage Plugin

This plugin allows for programmatic interaction with different Azure storage accounts, allowing for both uploading and downloading.

After installing, you’ll need to set up credentials for use:

To use in pipeline, the syntax will look like:

Active Choices Plugin

This allows for more dynamic functionality with parameters (selecting one parameter allows a set of options for the other).

Setting this up in Pipeline takes some work, you’ll need to add using the following format: